Biscotti/Kate Mack

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  • Address:
    34 W 33rd Street Suite #903
    New York, NY 10001
    P# 212-947-4040

    5601 San Leandro Street 3rd Floor
    Oakland, CA 94621
    P# 510-434-9122
    F# 510-437-6326
  • Website: Biscotti/Kate Mack

Biscotti/Kate Mack

Biscotti, Inc. is an award winning children’s wear company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The imaginative, romantic and timeless qualities of the Biscotti and Kate Mack brand have captured the hearts of both retailers and customers for 25 years. The design team has repeatedly won industry awards for the innovative design and superior quality of the dresses, swimwear and outerwear lines.

  • BiscottiCollezioni
    The namesake collection of dresses and separates for sizes 3 months through size 16 (young teens) provides apparel for very formal events such as weddings and graduations, as well as occasions that call for less elaborate looks.
  • KateMack
    The Kate Mack division perfectly reflects the eclectic sophistication of the California lifestyle, with an incredible retail and customer loyalty to the whimsical swimwear, coat, sportswear and dress collections.
  • BabyBiscotti
    This division of the company has experienced exceptional growth. The layette collection for newborn girl has been particularly successful, featuring cotton gowns, dresses, rompers and separates. All pieces are beautifully trimmed and embellished and perfect for gift giving.

34 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001